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Anti-Smudge Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers

Anti-smudge ceiling diffusers prevent black ugly stains from ruining the aesthetic looks of a clean white false ceiling.  Smudges occur as a result of dirt  smoke particles in the air which are too small to be trapped by standard air filters.

  1. Extruded aluminium or stainless steel construction
  2. Removable cores
  3. 1,2,3 and 4 way air discharge

With VCD

  1. Model AB-AS-SAD-11 one-way width wise
  2. Model AB-AS-SAD-13 two-way length wise
  3. Model AB-As-SAD-22 two-way width wise
  4. Model AB-AS-SAD-23 two-way length wise
  5. Model AB-AS-SAD-26 two-way opposite flow
  6. Model AB-AS-SAD-27 two-way oppoite flow
  7. Model AB-AS-SAD-32 three-way
  8. Model AB-AS-SAD-33 three-way
  9. Model AB-AS-SAD-42 four-way

Without VCD

  1. AB-AS-RAD-12 one-way width  wise
  2. AB-AS-RAD-13 one-way length wise
  3. AB-AS-RAD-22 two-way width  wise
  4. AB-AS-RAD-23 two-way lengh  wise
  5. AB-AS-RAD-26 two-way opposite wise
  6. AB-AS-RAD-27 two-way opposite wise
  7. AB-AS-RAD-32 three-way
  8. AB-AS-RAD-33 three-way
  9. AB-AS-RAD-42 four-way