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Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers

Based on the same principle of draft-free air supply as the square ceiling diffusers, rectangular diffusers offer an alternative visual appeal to occupants. Also available in one, two, three and four way air distribution patterns depending on the design need.

  1. Extruded aluminium or stainless steel construction.
  2. Removable cores.
  3. 1,2,3 and 4 way air discharge.

With VCD

  1. Model AB-SAD-12 one-way width wise
  2. Model AB-SAD-13 one-way length wise
  3. Model AB-SAD-22 two-way width wise
  4. Model AB-SAD-23 two-way length wise
  5. Model AB-SAD-26 two-way opposite flow
  6. Model AB-SAD-27 two-way opposite flow
  7. Model AB-SAD-32 three-way
  8. Model AB-SAD-33 three-way
  9. Model AB-SAD-42 four-way

Without VCD

  1. AB-RAD-12 one-way width wise
  2. AB-RAD-13 one-way length wise
  3. AB-RAD-22 two-way width wise
  4. AB-RAD-23 two-way length wise
  5. AB-RAD-26 two-way opposite flow
  6. AB-RAD-27 two-way opposite flow
  7. AB-RAD-32 three-way
  8. AB-RAD-33 three-way
  9. AB-RAD-42 four-way