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Linear Grilles

Contemporary interiors in large offices, public areas of hotels and hospitals call for uncluttered looking walls and false ceilings with linear grilles used for supply and return air. Available in any total length in sections of 1.2 or 1.8 metres with alignment between sections. Removable louvers facilitate installation. Adjustable louvers installed in collars are recommended for vertical air pattern control.

  1. Aluminium construction
  2. Removable louvers
  3. 0°, 15°or30°deflection
  1. Model AB-LG-00 (O°deflection)
  2. Model AB-LG-15(15°deflection)
  3. Model AB-LG-30 (30°deflection)
  4. Model AB-LG-45 (45°deflection)
  5. Model AB-LG-00-SA with VCD
  6. Model AB-LG-15-SA with VCD
  7. Model AB-LG-30-SA with VCD