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Slot Diffusers

Available in 12.5 mm (0.5 inch), 19mm (0.75 inch) and 25 mm (1 inch) slot width in any number of slots from one to eight, to suit design air requirements. These elegant diffusers for supply air come in any required length in standard sections of 1.2 or 1.8. metres. Removable slots assure perfect alignment of sections without visible mounting screws on the face. Suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting.

  1. Extruded aluminium construction
  2. With VCD as optional
  3. Pattern controller is standard
  1. Model AB-SLD-50/SD-1 through SD-8 (12.5 mm slot)
  2. Model AB-SLD-75/SD-1 through SD-8 (19mm slot)
  3. Model AB-SLD-100/SD-1 through SD-8 (25mm slot)