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Duct Dampers

Installed in branches of Air Distribution ducts, these Opposed / parallel Blade Dampers are used to carry out a rough air system balance with closer control being carried out at the individual grilles or diffusers. Available in Aluminium or Galvanised steel.

  1. Aerofoil profile with opposed / parallel blades.
  2. Nylon bushes.
  3. Motorised, Pneumatic duct damper.

  1. Model AB-DD-OB-AL aluminium, duct damper.
  2. Model AB-DD-PB-AL aluminium, duct damper.
  3. Model AB-DD-OB-GI ga lvanised steel, duct damper.
  4. Model AB-DD-PB-GI galvanised steel, duct dammper.