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Pre Filters – Rod Design

These filters are made out of mild steel rods with or without aluminium channel casing of Vi inch width. These filters are designed for a filtration of 20 micron and above particle sizes. Generally, they are used in air handling units, packaged air condition units and exhaust units etc.,

Commonly used media (washable) are polyester, polypropylene, HDPE or Felt. These filters are offered in box type design only.

Standard Sizes available are:

Frame Size (Inches)
Air Flow (CFM)
16 X 191/2 X 1/2
16 X 24 X 1/2
20 X 20 X 1/2
24 X 24 X 1/2

All sizes not mentioned in the above list are also available on request.

Efficiency: More than 90% down to 15-20 microns.
Initial Pr.drop : Less than 5.0 mm wg to rated airflow.
Final Pr.drop : 18 mm wg.
Testing Methods : BS 6540, ASHRAE – 52.1, ASHRAE – 52.2 with AC Fine Test Dust.