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Multi-Pocket Bag Filters

These filters are manufactured from 100% synthetic filter medium, consisting layers of needle felt and thermally bonded micro fibres. Each Filter consists number of individual dust collecting bags affixed to a corrosion resistantfilter frame.
All media pockets are self supporting to give uniform airflow and total media utilization. These fine filters find extensive applications in ventilation and high dust collecting areas.


Standard Sizes available are:

Frame Size (Inches)
Air Flow (CFM)
24 X 24 X 22
24 X 24 X 30

In additions to above, all sizes are also available.

Efficiency: More than 90% down to 5.0 microns.
Initial Pr.drop: Less than 6.5 mm wg to rated airflow.
Final Pr.drop: 38 mm wg.
Testing Methods: BS 6540, ASHRAE-52.1.ASHRAE-52.2 with AC Fine Test Dust.