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Air Filters

These HEPA filters are designed to meet exact specifications in high efficiency commercial or industrial applications. These filters are used where a high degree of cleanliness is required and contaminants must be removed to protect health, products and building interiors. These filters are ideal in a variety of applications including: hospitals, manufacturing plants, microelectronic component assembly, negative air machines, biological hoods and food processing environments.

A separate air controlled atmosphere is developed in our filter manufacturing station. Specifically for HEPA filter to get good quality filters. Standard Hepa filter has configuration of Gently pleated glass micro fiber media is separated with rolled edged aluminium separators to offer open airflow and to stabilize the media pack.

Non-decaying type, self cured, epoxy adhesive is used for sealing the media pack to the filter casing. All the HEPA Filters are tested for Efficiency and Certified before packing and dispatching. Filter casing is made out of aluminium, powder coated GL or stainless steel. Filter casing shall be manufactured in Box type or Flange type as per the requirement.

Standard Sizes available are:

Frame Size (Inches)
Air Flow (CFM)
24X48X11 Vz

All sizes not mentioned in the above list are also available for supply on request.

Efficiency: More than 99.98% down to 0.3 microns.

Initial Pr.drop: Less than 25 mm wg to rated airflow.

Final Pr.drop: 5 mm wg.

Testing Method : FED209 E, EN 1822, MIL282. with DOP solution.